Ducati Elenore V8

Is the idea of four pistons on a single connecting rod crazy? I’don’t think so. The mastermind behind this crazy invention is Dieter Hartmann-Wirthwein, a German engineer who loves creating and innovating unusual engines designs.

After everyone saw the patent drawing of the Ducati Elenore V8 built by Dieter Hartmann-Wirthwein, there was a lot of head scratching going on as everyone tried to visualize the engine internals in motion.

"We asked Dieter if he had any more images from other perspectives so he uploaded a few and, even better, the video he used at his display at Intermot. " PAUL CROWE - The Kneeslider

Seeing everything in motion answers a lot of questions and makes the design work look even more impressive.

Unique Ducati Elenore V8 Engine- Needs Only One Crank Throw and Two Rods!

Dieter says the engine isn’t running yet, he still has quite a few pieces to complete. The idea was first put to the test in a 125cc 4-cylinder Honda-based configuration that Hartmann-Wirthwein installed in a Monkey Bike. Then adapted the principle to what originally was a 2-cylinder Ducati crankcase, which was then morphed into an 868cc V8 engine.

Check out the video bellow

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