Pokemon go has really swept the nation lately and in fact not only the nation but the people around the world as well.  For those of you who know what the game is all about you may want to skip the next paragraph.

Pokemon GO and Cars

Nintendo really stepped up the game with this new project famous for making people not only play but go outside and socialize as well.  Which is definitely a good plus for the nowadays society. You play the game based on your location so your game map is actually your neighborhood. Players are divided into teams which control different zones and fight for them, similar to FPS Shooter's capture the flag. You can fight for a Zone or a certain place and you can only engage in battle once you’re physically on the location. The game uses your GPS signal and your camera to create an experience similar to the term augmented reality. The game places Pokemons randomly around the map which you have to catch. This makes the game really immersive. Some of the Pokemons really rare which makes you stay on constant lookout.

But you may ask what has Pokemon Go have to do with cars? A lot really. It has both positive but mainly negative sites.

For instance one may benefit financially from acting as Taxi for the guys and gals who will do anything to enhance the search for Pokemons.
A guy became famous because he recently posted on his Twitter that he is charging $30 per hour for driving around in the city and thus helping Pokemon go players cover more ground in the search for that rare Beast.

And this has to do a lot with distracted driving.
Which is actually the other site of the subject. Everything has a downside. In this case it is addiction. People are trying to look for Pokemon everywhere including driving. This is becoming a real problem because drivers get distracted and safety while driving is getting compromised. Even the police is signalling you to not Pokemon go while behind the wheel.

As this report goes :
A 26 Year old male - Lamar Hickson is accused of causing on of the worst highway accidents after stopping in the mid lane of a highway to catch Pukachu. Lamar admitted to the Police that he way playing....

Stay Safe.

What do you think - Is the new Pokemon groundbreaking ? Wouldn't be sweet if they take its concept and morph it with Need For Speed Underground to create the best driving game ever?

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