Just before watching this video, bare in mind that is mentally disturbing. This was from an episode of TLC's show "My strange addiction" .
A guy is in love with his car ! You know, there's nothing strange about that, we all love our cars, don't we ? That's why they call us PetrolHeads ! `Cuz "petrol runs in our veins" right ?

You see, that's alright because it's a metaphor but this guy takes it to another level ! He is LITERARY in love with his car, physically !
He confesses to his father that he is in an intimate relationship with "Chase" (his car)

Physically and emotionally.... it involves a lot of  ... 
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It might be staged as well for the "shock factor" which would drive more audience to watch their show.

So what do you think, is it staged or not ? Or there is something else, they talk to each other like they are strangers, no wonder the kid turned to be a little different and felt seduced by his Ford. Drop a comment bellow.
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