2017 honda civic type-r
Lucky Americans, aren’t they? This year they’ll have the opportunity to choose between some great tenth-generation Honda Civics. Not only will they get the chance to cruise around the streets in a Civic Type R hatch, whose import to the US has been already confirmed, rumour further has it that Honda will be also launching a Type R sedan and Type R coupe.

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And we’re more than excited, having in mind the great development prototypes of the Type R we saw on the Nürburgring. Thanks to the lowered ride height, more aggressive bumper and new alloy wheels, the latest-generation Civic looks much sleeker and appealing! But what made our jaws drop were the black elements around grille and huge rear wing that add that special touch to the car. We suppose that similarly to the development model, there won’t be a rear view, but a diffuser and a three-pipe exhaust outlet will take its place.

2017 civic type-r sedan

The Type R sedan will be further geared with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine we know from the hatch, churning out 306hp (310PS) and 295lb-ft (400Nm) of torque.


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