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The JDM GRIL - Amy Curtis. She is a beautiful girl who loves fast imports and also happens to have a stunning EVO VIII on her own. She grew up around petrolheads, but it was not until her fourteens when she went for a ride in her uncle's WRX and the spark which later grew into a wild fire was ignited!

What started your passion?

“I'm not even really sure how I got into loving cars/imports so much as my parents weren't into them, my uncle owned a wrx which I got to go in when I was about 14 and I loved it. I then got a boyfriend who was also into cars but at the time we were both too young for driver’s license.”

Why the Evo, why not the STi ?

"One of our friends owned an Evo and after going in that I was in love ! It was my goal to eventually own one of my own."

What was your first love ?

Life is tough, but hard work and dedication eventually pay off ! :

"So once I was old enough for a licence (15) I brought myself a little Mitsubishi Mirage sedan . As that's all I could afford as I was still so young with only a part time job at my parents fish and chip shop.  I did very minor modifications on it , wheels, Evo boot and wing and an exhaust !

I owned that for about a year and then eventually me and my family packed up and moved to Australia , which is then where I got myself a full time job , worked hard and saved harder so I could afford to buy my own Evo 8 ! Which I still currently own."

Car Menu

Owner -        Amy Curtis
Home town- New Zealand but now living in Australia

Power- roughly 350bhp
Engine-dump pipe, electronic boost controller, and some very minor modifications.

"Not too many modifications going on in my engine bay as of yet , I wanted to work on the look of the car first ! "

Wheels & Tires-  SSR SP1 in spectrum silver 18x9.5 +12 +18 running 235/40/18

"Wheels were the big spend for me with also a long 5 month wait. "

Exterior- carbon side skirts, carbon front lip, carbon bonnet air vent,and the wheels ,
Suspension- Greedy coil overs, running electric dampers.

And Sorry guys, she is taken ! But can you guess what her loved one drives ?

You can give Amy a thumbs up and follow her on instagram @amyjane_1995

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