6.Toyota Prius (who'd have known)

It’s very unfortunate really that when you’re settling on buying a Toyota Prius, you’re also accepting the reputation that’s literally bound to it. There are two options – people will either see you as an overly liberal “save the earth” hippie, or just nod in agreement that you hate cars - and this, despite your genuine intention to lay your hands on and reliable and affordable car that has great fuel economy numbers. Still, the bumper stickers are literally everywhere.

toyota prius

4. Ford Crown Victoria

ford crown victoria tuning

Do you know who’s the average owner of the Ford Crown Victoria? Difficult to say having in mind that its owners stretch from the elderly segment who most certainly should be reading a book in the park rather than driving car, cops and taxi drivers, and youngsters, who love police role playing. So if you’re still wondering what’s expected from you if you are to jump behind the wheel of a For Crown Vic – anything from flashing your leftover cop spotlight at people, tailgate, or going off-road just because you are driving like a turtle.

3. Dodge Ram

Remember the last soot cloud that surrounded you? Well, it was most certainly emitted by a five- to 10-year-old, a bit modified, bro-truck edition, coal-rolling Dodge Ram. Seriously, why would anyone destroy such a great truck?

2. Ford Mustang

ford mustang ricer

Burnouts and drifts are the shit. Especially if the first leads to the second – but then they are awesome when performed in a safe place where you wouldn’t endanger those around you. And weirdly, you just always know it’s a Mustang when the all the smoky wheel spin goodness goes wrong. That’s why many just refuse to invest their money in a Mustang.

1. Subaru WRX/STi

subaru wrx sti

Subaru owners are like brothers, but while they might feel a certain sense of belonging this doesn't turn them into the best car owners.

You can see ‘kids’ buying a Subie WRX and then using thousands to put them on air, lowering them ridiculously to the ground, and giving them outrageous wheels. Probably thanks to the Subie WRX, and to a lesser extent the Subaru STI, being reasonably affordable for the older, higher mileage, models now. Subaru’s community is devoted to the brand, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself stare in bewilderment. Some buy the new 2016 Subaru STI and repay them monthly, spending around $400-$600 each 30 days. So for all of you teens who feel like showing off in the in public parking garages or comparing the loudness of your ride and the brightness of your lights – seriously, do that in your backyard. Thank you very much.

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