Unfortunately, some auto owners go to the extreme when customizing their cars and manage to ultimately turn them into piles of trash. No wonder if you fail to recognize the car that’s hiding beneath that grimy body kit. Doesn't matter what type of car you own, luxury cars, sports cars, SUVS or even trucks, if you don't know what are you doing, you will definitely ruin your project. So let’s have a look at ten good examples of that scenario.

10.Mazda Miata

While we literally love Miatas, the feeling we keep for SOME their owners are not even close to being warm. It’s crazy how Mazda Miata’s owners, who are very nice indeed, can preach so much about it making you feel that you’re talking with the people of God. Enough is enough, because there is nothing more boring than hearing ‘how great your Miata is’ once again.

Miata`s Owner: @Tyler Fialko

And actually when we say that we’re looking for a car with roof, we mean that we are looking for something solid that’s always there above our heads and not something that can be buzzed back.
So automatically suggesting the convertible Mazda Miata every time we talk sports cars – is just not cool anymore. Plus, the truth is – Mazda Miata is most often not the answer at all. Just save yourself the hassle in convincing us in something that really makes no sense, okay?

9. Honda Civic

honda civic

Don't get us wrong here, all Honda Civic s are perfectly cool cars. It's just the passion to stand out that sometimes ends very bad. Honda Civic's fans are increasingly growing and what else would we expect considering the impressive aftermarket support the Honda JDM cars received.

We guarantee you one thing – it won’t be very difficult to find a Honda Civic that could be described as overly mistreated and abused, as well as under/over -driven.

8. BMW 3 Series

bmw 3 series

You know that arrogant prick that lives across the street and owns a 3 Series BMW? Well, it’s not only him. Multiply it with zillion and you’ll get the number of obnoxious snobs, who take the advantage of the affordable price of the car and treat themselves with one to show off every time they go for a drive. Yes it’s precisely them who hold no respect for their car, which is probably why BMW has completely discarded the driving pleasure with the F30.

7. Lamborghini Aventador

If we are to name one single ‘exotic’ that somehow always ends up looking as if wrapped with candy paper, that’s without any doubt the Aventador. We just can’t get our head around the fact that someone would spend $400K+ for a exotic car and then go on spending thousands of dollars more on the worst body kits you could possibly imagine. But then if you’re willing to spend so much on a car, it’s really up to you whether you’ll keep on mistreating it in the future.

6.Mercedes Benz G Class

Remember the utility machine called Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen? We know it’s not that easy taking into account how the G-Wagen has been exploited by celebrities, using it to make their shopping easier, the Park Avenue ladies who have tuned it into a school transport vehicle, and the and the tuning fanatics, whohave gone to the extreme with some ridiculously looking body kits.
We’re bewildered how such an off-road monster has been so easily transformed into a LA traffic luxury delivery machine. But while we’d really like to take it for a crazy off-road suv somewhere else, then we remember the price and let it stay precisely there in L.A.

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