There are certainly a few more things to consider not doing in the car of another petrolhead if you want to arrive safely to your destination.

8.) Water is the only fluid allowed to enter the car. Serious!

coffee spill
 Most petrolheads are also pedantheads, meaning that they like to keep their ride perfectly clean. But even if that’s not the reason behind it, we can give you plenty of more to make you reconsider taking this nasty can of Coke with you. To resale a car, we need to keep it as maintained as possible, and soaking the seats with soft drinks will play a very bad joke on the success of the car on the market. And if you’ve set your feet on mud, try clean your shoes before. All, and any uncoordinated maneuvers that might cause any scratching or potential breaking – just stay still, will ya?

7.) No smoking area 

no smoking

 It doesn’t matter whether we talk cigarettes, cigars, pipe, weed, crack, wood, coal, etc. Everything that produces smoke should be consumed outside the car.

5.) No handguns 

"Pro-gun Florida mom is accidentally shot by her four-year-old son while driving after the boy found her pistol in back seat - just a day after she bragged about his shooting skills "
And thus we finally came the the end of our article again. A few more vital rules to obey if you want to stay in the car ! 

4.) No hitting on chicks

car hitting chicks Do you have that one friend who is so brave behind the cage steel of the car and feels that he has to always shout something out of the car window ? Don't be that guy, try to show some manners, will you? People in the area know us and you hitting on strangers stains our reputation massively. Behave!

 3.) No flipping people off 

Flipping off is not gonna happen. Unless you are Iggy Pop – then be our guest.

2.) Fasten Up  

If my dog does it, so should you ! One of the most annoying things you could do is to start complaining about the belts and keep on repeating how uncomfortable they are. If you are overweight, maybe they aren’t the comfiest things to buckle yourself with, but in any other situation you need to use the belt the moment the car is in gear.

1.) No comments regarding my driving, car, or in fact anything 

Making comments regarding our drive and how shitty it is? That’s gonna make your journey hell. Also, trying to teach us how to drive and when to change lanes? You’d better stop before we’ve kicked you out of the vehicle.

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