Never break these rules even if you are one of those people who have the unstoppable urge to play with buttons, eat, chitchat, drink, and smoke the moment they set their foot into a car?

Well, one thing is certain, the ‘TeamImports’ readers want you out of their cars. So, let’s look at the 10 most annoying things a passenger can do in a car. And just a quick disclaimer dogs don’t count as such, as we like dogs… and we an easily forgive them. In regards to all the other 10 points – we don’t.

10.) Leave the radio/windows/horn alone. 

car radio We’re starting with 3 car rules that are all somehow mechanically related. Incessantly adjusting the power windows is really off the table. It can really make us go nuts if you can’t help yourself and persistently press the button for the window. It’s okay to do it ones, maybe twice – but all the time!? Come on! Also, changing the radio stations without permission might really earn you a few black points. If you don’t like the music that’s on – either get over it or just get out and take the bus. Honking the horn just coz’ it’s fun? One thing we can assure you, while we’re driving we’re trying really hard to not act as ‘jerks’. Please, don’t make it easier for people to call us names.

 9.) No feet on the dash/in the window. 

no feet on the dash You won’t be forgiven if you decide to just randomly mess up the car, except in some special occasions and we think it’s pretty obvious what we’re talking about. So really unless you’re trying to twist yourself in some bizarre position while having sex, placing your feet randomly on the dashboard is just not going to happen. Plus, no wonder if you get thrown out of the car because you think it’s very funny to leave your footprint on the window. And if you think that’s something no one does, well, think twice coz we’ve seen 6'7 man managing to place his feel up on the dash.

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