3.Rusted Rides and Rat style !

a4 rat style
Brought to life within the ‘rat rod’ community, rusting the car’s exterior on purpose has somehow managed to creep its way up into the mainstream car culture and quite a few young fans have grown addicted to rust. One of the worst diy car mods . Seriously, who in their right mind would destroy a perfectly-done paint job and leave its car in the hands of the environment? You probably agree that there is no point of making your car look as if you’ve found it in a salvage yard, but kids go for it and rust everything from their hoods to an entire chassis – just check out that BMW. If they only knew that trashing your car is not equal to being ‘hardcore’ and ‘cool’. Try explaining that to your car insurance .

4. Stickerbombimg to the Max

Yet another mod that started off as a smart idea and went out of control once it join the mainstream culture. All of the best modded cars had Sponsors. The vinyl decals and sponsor stickers that were sporadically spread over the car, have now become so many and tightly stitched together that the overall impression you get is that the car has been sticker-bombarded by hooligans. No surprise that the top offender is the import scene.

Whether to distinguish themselves from the crowd or to save money from paint, there is really no explanation to justify making a clean car look grotesque. Editors and auto-writers have mocked that trend for ages and it is about time that this crazy fad finally retires.

5.Rolling coal...

rolling coal

The ‘Rolling Coal’ is one of the most American things ever created, okay, after the bacon-wrapped, deep-fried Twinkies on a stick. You don’t know what that is? That’s a method used by SUV diesel enthusiasts to boost power and fuel economy by performing series of modifications in order to produce excessive amounts of soot-rich exhaust. In a recent write-up in the L.A. Times it was explained in detail that while some of the diesel truck owners kick off the process with disabling the ‘Clean Burn Program’ of the car by chipping the computer, the list of modifications goes on and on as long as time and money permits. Are those coal rollers protesting against the Prius? Who knows… But many states have already taken action, issuing fines close to $5,000.

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