8 Car Trends That Make No Sense

Am I getting old or my taste for custom cars has definitely changed, leaning towards sophisticated practicality than extreme quirkiness. Does this make me a grown-up man?

But leaving my taste of custom cars aside, there is a bunch of ridiculous fads that have flooded the aftermarket auto world and need to be put to an end in order to keep us all sane.

Just keep in mind that there is a difference between putting a large spoiler in order to use the down-force it creates opposing to putting one just for "style points".

And by saying that I certainly don’t mean that modifying cars is not my thing. Conversely, I’ve upgraded every car I have ever owned and do appreciate people who ‘improve’!!!

their original ride. Some of the best modded cars have diy car mods, which, however, doesn’t include the clownish and outrageous trendy mods that are sometimes even dangerous. And while some of the ridiculous cosmetic ‘upgrades’ if anything are displeasing for the eye, things like extreme negative suspension camber quite perilous.

The only problem with the fading trends is that a new and even more dangerous one will come to proudly take its place. In case you've wondered why your neighbor's small suv has a large spoiler mounter just above its rear door or why there are neon lights under that 4 door sedan that grandpa' drives. Beets me. Unfortunately, there is not much we could do, so let’s look at the 8 car trends that purely make no sense.

1. Too much camber

celica camber

We all love sports cars, especially racing ones, some of us even notice that the cars have a bit of camber. But not that much! Oh no ! Not only does this trend look aesthetically displeasing, but it’s incredibly dangerous as well. By correcting the car’s suspension to an extent to which the wheels rest at a hazardous angle, the car goes way to low and close to the ground, so that the only compound touching the asphalt is a tiny strip of inner spipe.

These cars are further disposed to bottoming out over bumps, which in time destroys their oil pans that are by scraping along the ground. So if you find yourself driving behind a vehicle with cambered wheels/suspension, beware that its stopping power is similar to that of a wale on a slip-and-slide. Keep your distance from the car, especially under slippery conditions.

2. Fake vents and add-ons

Okay, that a good one. Gluing chrome-like cheap plastic pieces to make an averagely looking car appear even grimmer.

fake chrome

This next fad has been around for entirely too long, and does nothing more than make a crappy car look even worse than it actually is. Whoever thought it would be a great idea to put a bunch of chromed-out, cheap plastic bits on their car to “improve” its overall aesthetics needs to put down the pipe and realize that this is a laughable venture.

It’s laughable really to thing that the fake vents of add-ons could improve the aesthetics of you car, as the only thing you’ll actually achieve is make it look tacky and attract the mockery of anyone who spots that tasteless bling-bling. I still don't get it why would you make your car insurance more expensive for those three or the following five.

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