There are two types of petrol heads in the world. The first eat, breath, and sleep anything automotive. Their day generally starts with a check of their Instagram feed, which is full of car and truck accounts, and then a spirited drive to work. The rest of their day will be filled with thoughts and conversations about anything car related and another spirited drive home. Evenings will be spent at a car meet, in the garage, or online shopping for parts and reading info on other builds. The next day it all starts again. These are the signs of true car lovers.

The second type picks and chooses when they allow cars or trucks to be the center of their days. The respect and connection is missing from their lives. These people try to use vehicles as a way to be cool and fit in. It’s called posing and you need to stay away from this group at all costs. Trouble seems to revolve around members of this group because of their lack of respect. If you don’t want to be found guilty by association learn these 10 Tips For Spotting A Fake Gear Head.

2. They Believe TV Shows And Movies Make Them Experts

There is nothing wrong with loving shows like “Street Outlaws” or “Top Gear.” These series are aimed at our demographic and many times posers will watch episodes and try to emulate the behavior they see on the screen. When the first “Fast and Furious” movie came out the after market car scene exploded. People where showing up to car meets and expecting their to be loud music and girls dancing everywhere. This doesn’t happen and Jeremy Clarkson isn’t out trolling mall parking lots looking for races either. Television and movies are made up for entertainment. The information they gather will be repeated often and they will be sure to tell you what show they received said info from.

exhaust in car1. Their Garage
Garage space can be an easy way to spot a fake gear head. Clean floors, empty walls, and lack of parts and tools should be clear indicator of their true nature. The garages of gear heads should be fully stocked with parts, tools, and other car related items. If someone has a garage floor that you can see your reflection in you’ve spotted yourself a poser.

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source: 305insider
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