A lot of vehicle purchases are made based on passion. Although we try to convince ourselves and the ones around us that we buy a vechicle based on it’s specs and functions we usually buy the hype about a car that wins out over what we need.

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For some of us buying a perticular model or made is more like a religious experience rather than rational thinking ! No matter what car they drive, Mercedes, Hyundai, AUDI, Subaru, Honda, Toyota. Suddenly, they can’t understand why anyone would buy another vehicle over their prized possession. These are what we call fanboys and fangirls. Basically, they’re a group of fanatic individuals who will defend their beloved mechanical transportation devices with aggressive conviction, and I am one of them too.

There is a certain group of cars that has crowds and crowds of over hyped fans! Here is our list of the best 9 overhyped fanboys and fangirls cars. . And before you think I’m writing from a holier-than-thou position, I am guilty of being a whole-hearted fanboy owner of more than one of the vehicles listed below.

9. Chevrolet Corvette 

The Corvette is one of the few cars to have its own sub-groups of fanboys for trimlines or different generations. There are the people who will regale you with tales on how this is America’s sports car and has been since 1953. And even here, each generation has its own group of rabid fans.

Then there is the group of current Corvette owners who are quick to bring up which cars the ‘Vette is faster than around a track and how much cheaper it is to buy than the exotics. Other hot topics of discussion include why pushrod motors are better and how well transverse leafs springs work. Corvette drivers are loyal and often buy more than one.


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