The new 2015 Nissan Silvia s16, is coming soon. Anticipated to hit the market. Although it is less prominent, this brand-new, 2015 model from Nissan, is expected to be offered at ,the Tokyo vehicle show later ,this year and also is anticipated to, take the marketplace by storm.


The outrageous success of the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ twins proves there are plenty of people out there who still want a well-priced rear-drive sports car. It’s high time Nissan got back in on the action.
While there is no word from Nissan it’s even considering such a model, given that within its range it has all the component parts necessary for a new Silvia, it just needs to stick them all together. Simple.
There’s just one potential fly in the ointment: the 370Z replacement is currently mooted to feature a downsized, turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

We say scrap that idea, keep the 370Z six-cylinder (as Z-cars have always been) and build the Silvia off the new Z platform featuring the new 2.0-litre boosted four-pot. It makes even more sense now the IDx budget rear-drive concept is dead.
Using the Megane RS265’s outputs as a benchmark (it’s rumoured Nissan could even be using that engine), around 195kW and 360Nm should be easily achievable. Combine this
with a kerb weight of around 1400kg and a price tag of $40K and soon it’ll be “Toyota what?” and “Subaru who?”.

This automobile will have ,a smaller engine compared with, the VQ yet with a principle, vehicle’s efficiency, the -Nissan Silvia s16 will be much more, specific niche compared with, its alreadying existing, feasible replacements, however still leaves area, for the advancement of a much, more powerful and, state-of-the-art design that may ,quickly retire the 2016 version.
The new -Nissan Silvia s16, is relatively smaller sized, in dimension compared, to the previous design. It will have an upgraded exterior, look as compared ,to the existing version. This model will share a, number of mechanical components, with its close make the- Nissan Juke, which is powered by a 1.6l-inline -4 -turbo engine described as the MR16DDDt.

For its interior decoration, still considerably of, the information about, the changes that will be, made remain extensively unidentified ,given that the firm has ,actually not yet released, any information formally. According to spies reports, this auto will certainly have, sufficient log cabin area, that will make sure the convenience, of its 5 travelers as well as, is additionally readied to, exist with conventional functions, such as Bluetooth connectivity, SAT-NAV/Infotainment system, as well as a top quality, stereo to name a few.
The new -Nissan Silvia s16 will certainly, be powered by a 2.0 l engine, which will be able to make, more than 200bhp as well ,as 217lb-ft -torque.

Baseding on some magazines from Nissan, Nissan asserts that this front, seated engine and back wheel, driven coupe is built by, a partnership of designers, from Nissan and also Renault.

Having an unrivaled torque, the -Nissan Silvia s16 will, certainly be first in, its production line and,also is anticipated to effectively compete, against its rivals the Subaru, as well as Scion FS-R/BZ with, it set to defeat the last in a 0-62km/ h sprint.

Besides the already discussed engine option, this design will additionally, have a choice of being ,matched with a 1.8 l engine from Mercedes -the very same engine, that powers the C180 from Mercedes that, was built from the joint partnership, of Nissan and Mercedes. This 1.8 l engine, will certainly have the ability, to produce up to 156bhp, and also 1584lb-ft ,of torque at only 1600rpm ,as well as 4200rpm respectively.

This version’s official pricing and release days, have actually not yet, been revealed by Nissan though, it is estimated to cost ,around $24,000 a price, that’s close to that, of the outbound version and also, professionals approximate that, it will certainly be ready, by the Third Quarter of 2016.

Sources : carnews  paultan
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