Japanese automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world.

The Japanese company has long been known for producing fantastic, rally-inspired, performance-oriented vehicles.
Consumers look onto Subaru as affordable little tunable sports car. The Impreza STI WRX for instance can be tuned to up to or more than 550hp fairly easily. And if you upgrade the suspension and brakes you are left with a wicked little track car that can compete with all the Corvettes, Porsche and Ferraries out there!


325HP / 2.5L / 0-60 mph in 4.8

The Impreza 330S is not one of the company’s more well-known models, but it sure does have some impressive performance stats. The 330S blasted from rest to 60 in 4.8 seconds, and used a beefed-up 2.5-liter turbo flat-four that created 325 horsepower and 347 pound-feet of torque, which are not small numbers by any measure. As the five-door hatch combined a six-speed manual gearbox with Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system, this British specialty version of the Impreza made for one of the best Subaru models ever built.

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