Mitsubishi's automotive origins date back to 1917

The top 9 fastest cars from Mitsubishi are ranked from fastest to slowest based on their 0-60 times. We crunched the numbers from the best estimates of several premier resources, including Motor Trend, Road & Track, Car & Driver and more.

If you happen to roll up next to another Mitsubishi, be sure you know what you're up against.

5. 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (2G, D30)

HP: 210 /  0-60 mph 6.8 s / Quarter mile 14.7 s

The second generation car maintained the market focus of the first generation car, but had a major redesign and was fitted with different engines between trim levels. New to the line was a convertible model, named the Spyder. It was first introduced in 1996. The convertible was available in two trims: the GS and the GS-T. The Spyder GS model was powered by a 2.4L I-4 non-turbo 4G64 engine. The Spyder GS-T was fitted with Mitsubishi's turbocharged 4G63 engine. The GSX model was also powered by this engine but with the addition of a high performance all wheel drive system. No convertible model was powered by the Chrysler's 420a engine, nor was there a convertible with all-wheel-drive.

The turbocharged engine option continued as the 4G63. It was also updated for more power as compared to the previous generation (210 hp vs 195 hp). The non-turbo equipped car had two different I-4 engines depending on the market they were produced for. The US version engines were producing 140 hp, found only in the hardtop RS and GS trims, was a modified version of the Chrysler Neon engine, the 420a, manufactured by Chrysler and delivered to and installed at the Diamond Star Motors facility. The European market engines were naturally aspirated 4G63 with 141 hp.

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