Mitsubishi's automotive origins date back to 1917

The top 9 fastest cars from Mitsubishi are ranked from fastest to slowest based on their 0-60 times. We crunched the numbers from the best estimates of several premier resources, including Motor Trend, Road & Track, Car & Driver and more.
If you happen to roll up next to another Mitsubishi, be sure you know what you're up against.

6. 1994 Mitsubishi FTO

HP: 200 /  0-60 mph 6.8s / 140 mph /  Quarter mile -14 .8 s

The Mitsubishi FTO, is a front engined, front-wheel drive coupe produced by Mitsubishi Motors between 1994 and 2000. It was originally planned to be exclusively for the Japanese domestic market, although its popularity as a grey market import to the United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand led to eventual limited distribution through Mitsubishi's official dealers in those countries. Upon its debut it won the Car of the Year Japan award for 1994–95. In Japan, it was sold at a specific retail chain called Car Plaza.

The inline-engined GS was the base model in the FTO range, with 14" wheels and automatic climate control (auto-aircon). The rear spoiler was an original equipment option on both the GS and GR. The larger-engined V6 GR also had auto-aircon and 15" wheels. Completing the range was the V6 MIVEC-engined GPX with 16" alloy wheels, sporting a rear spoiler and side air dams as standard. All three of these models gained various refinements prior to the introduction of the facelift versions and many models were purchased fitted with a number of original options that were available, such as ABS, traction control and a passenger air bag.

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