Japanese automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world.

The Japanese company has long been known for producing fantastic, rally-inspired, performance-oriented vehicles to add to their pedestrian line-up. While it may not have production vehicles that can keep up with something like a Corvette Z06, this smaller automaker does still hold the advantage in the all-wheel drive performance car department.

Here is our top Subaru Engines list


Can withstand up to 425hp before the block starts to break!

305 PS/ stock performance

If it is going into a Subaru I would build an EJ257. Or if you dont have the money an EJ255 would be fine. Even without "building" though you can get good power from one of those engines with just a few bolt-ons.

For an EJ255 and EJ257, all the block needs is a set of forged pistons. 400 whp (particularly on 91 octane pump gas) is when cylinder pressures are high enough that a random knock event can take out the stock pistons. The rest of

DOHC 16-valve turbo. Originally designed for the North American Impreza STI in 2004 with AVCS and DBW. The same shortblock as EJ255 except the EJ255 has a different dished piston vs the EJ257. The heads also have different components. Subaru of America designates the same part numbers for an EJ255 shortblock, and EJ257 shortblock with the exception of the pistons.


US Market Impreza WRX STi MY04~MY07 (300 hp, 293 hp (New SAE standard))
US Market Impreza WRX STI MY08~MY14 (305 hp (New SAE standard))
US Market WRX STI MY15 (305 hp)
US Market Subaru Legacy/Subaru Outback MY05~MY06
Asian, European Market Impreza WRX STi 05~present (280 hp, 40KG/m)

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