Japanese automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world.
Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, as well as the world's largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines measured by volume, producing more than 14 million internal combustion engines each year.

Honda car company became the second-largest Japanese automotive manufacturer in 2001 and a major player in the  sports cars bussiness. Honda was the eighth largest auto-mobile manufacturer in the world behind General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Toyota, Hyundai Motor Group, Ford, Nissan, and PSA in 2011.

Honda owners have created their own community. Their own Honda JDM subculture. Engine swaps and tuning is something casual !

Here is our top Honda Engines list:

B18 LS (for beginners)


140 PS/ 1.8L out of the Japan Honda Dealer (goes up to 310hp)

People who have a non-VTEC B series swap in their Honda Civic can take the next step and use our LS VTEC guide to build the ultimate reliable LS VTEC setup. Many times the LS engine can be a better choice than the B16 or B18C1, with low boost friendly compression and lots of torque from the get go.

The installation of the LS swap in a Civic is the same as all the other B series engines, meaning very very easy. Using stock mounts is recommended, and knowing how to swap a B series is one of the easiest Honda swaps out there.

Why the LS is good? :

Cost - The non VTEC DOHC 1.8 liter engine is cheap and there's lots of them. Many owners opt to ditch the LS engine, and because of this there's less demand which in turn lowers your price.

Pros: Dirty cheap. Great and reliable swap !  Strong.

Cons: Non Vtec. Stock performance is somewhat disappointing. It will not make you the Honda Civic JDM king for sure !

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