Top 10 Aftermarket Wheel Manufacturers

The sports car is an ongoing process. It is never done! It will always require new work, new accessories or parts. Stability is one of the important things on the roads. Our tires deserve nice-looking and stong wheels, right? So If you are a car enthusiast, chases are you wanted to dress her up, the first thing to start with, will surely be the wheels. Wheels make vehicles look totally different,sometimes sporty, sometimes elegant and sometimes gorgeous. These are the top 10 aftermarket wheel manufactures !

10. Weds

Since 1965 Weds has been providing high quality products for Japan’s growing automotive industry. Taking pride in being the first Japanese wheel maker to produce the a modular Forged aftermarket wheel for sports car club racing in Japan. This success has catapulted Weds to pursue further involvement with motor sport racing. Weds quickly learned motor sport racing proved valuable for research and development of their products, thus the birth of the WedsSport brand in 1975. To this day Weds continues to provide quality products all over Japan and now available for North American enthusiasts.

Weds- Maverick 709M

Editors Choice : Weds- Maverick 709M

Diameters: 18-20 inches
Widths: 7.5-10.5 inches
P.C.D.: 5×100, 112, 120, 114
Nine-spoke cross-mesh design
Two-piece construction for size flexibility and cost savings
Reinforced spokes for added rigidity
Designed for superior brake clearance on many of today’s sports coups and sedans with larger brake calipers
Assembly bolts and rim barrels are available in custom finishes
20 inch wheels are available with a step-rim lip

Average price per wheel: $531-$765

9. Gram Lights

Sporty and lightweight. Very fine quality !Used on countless competition vehicles around the world, Rays wheels hold a reputation for being some of the best lightweight racing wheels in the world. Whether you’re building up a full-fledged racer or radical street cars (sportcruiser), you always have to find a balance between performance and personality. Too much motor or too much eye-candy can turn you into a pariah at the track and around town. Strike the perfect balance by bolting on a boss set of Gram Lights 57Xtreme Wheels. Styled with a split 6-spoke pattern and deep concave face, these radical rims turn heads and take turns with unparalleled skill.

Editors Choice : Gram Lights 57Xtreme Wheels

Gram Lights

With Rays 57Xtreme Rims, you can choose between light and crazy-light options. The Standard Gram Light 57Xtreme is cast from a single piece of premium aluminum for serious weight savings over steel rims. But if you really want to shed pounds, go with the SP Spec Gram Lights 57 Extreme. These higher-performance versions feature side-cut machining, a special spoke bridge design and an aluminum rigidity ring for even less weight and more strength.

Price : $469.99 - $644.99 each

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