8. Konig

Designed and used for both professional car s for races and casual public tuning scene. This company has one of the finest and maybe the biggest selection of models available. The crown in the logo is there for a reason! Konig Wheels has been setting trends and revolutionizing the wheel automotive industry for 25 years. Dedicated to providing high quality products and services. Konig combines twenty-Five years of track-tested auto innovations to create the car industry's most coveted aftermarket products. Sought by professionals for their superb quality and craftsmanship, recognized by car enthusiasts for their great value and admired by all for their signature style.

konig wheels

Editors Choice : Konig Starlite

Konig and all of their brands has managed to establish themselves as the trend setter in the Tuner, Euro, Dub and Luxury markets making them the clear leader in innovations and designs. We have accomplished this by being the first to the market with innovated products that answer the customer's needs and exceed their expectations for value and quality. Konig Wheels and all their brand lines are manufactured under strict OEM factory specifications and quality control standards. If it's for show or go, the choice is Konigstyle is KING!

Price per wheel : $548.00

7. Work

Work Wheels Seeker CX

Editors Choice : Work Wheels Seeker CX

Work is a high performance manufacturer.WORK Wheels released their first range of wheels in 1977 under the name "WORK Equip", which continue to be manufactured today under popular demand. Commonly regarded as the leading manufacturer of Single, Two and Three piece forged wheels for automotive use, WORK Wheels adopt a "on demand system" in order to produce products under direct request of their customers and corporate customers.

Price per wheel : $500.00

The WORK Seeker CX is available in Step Rim barrel (16", 17", and 18"). The wheel come standard with anodized polished barrels. Due to its two piece construction, you can customize offsets within 1mm increments, allowing for fine tuning of wheel fitment. Wheels are custom built to order in Japan, using the latest low pressure casting and barrel forming technology.

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