2. Ronal

Yes, Ronal is a brand that made the "Teddy Bear" rims that we've looked at. Try to set that aside and understand that this company still performs some fabulous wheels. Away from those round little fellows, there isn't much flash to the list, and that's okay. Ronal isn't a brand that you go to for rims that are going to close the car club when you pull up to the valet.

They seem like solid, classy rims because they're created solidly. They use FMEA which means digital Failure-Mode-Effects Analysis , FEA which definition is Finite-Element-Analysis and a casting simulation to guarantee that any pressure points do as little damage as possible to the metals. Many auto manufacturer wheels are actually Ronals, they just don't have the Ronal branding.

 Ronal wheels

1. BBS

Of all the debates about who has the best-looking and the strongest rims., Always there is one company that floats right at the time of the group of people : BBS. Although showed you a list of aftermarket rims, BBS isn't really all that aftermarket.

bbs wheels

Many of the rims that Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW use as their stock wheels are BBS. The company has perfected the forging process and has produced flow-forming, that uses three hydraulic rollers and a large amount of pressure to form the width of a rim. If it's perfect for OEM, it's exactly what we need.

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