4. American Racing

American Racing is much unusual from the rest of these Wheels brands in the fact that you won't be seeing these nice wheels on a new Toyota Supra, Subaru WRX STI or 2017 Honda Civic Type R. Instead, you'll apparently be seeing them on a hot rod or a low-rider auto, or a classic muscle car like Chevrolet Camaro. The quality of these wheels equals their tough looks and are regularly made of pressure-forged aluminum alloys.

Editors Choice : AR105N Torq Thrust M

American Racing

Price per Wheel : $120-$260


Enkei and Konig are everywhere. It's very easy for beginners because the fist thing they see in a car shop will be this. These wheels have probably the best price range from low cost to pretty expensive one. The quality is top level. They even created a testing process called Spec-E that goes even further than regular standart testing.

Enkei - Tenjin

Editors Choice : Enkei- Tenjin

Diameters: 17-18 inches
Widths: 8-9.5 inches
P.C.D.: 5×100, 112, 120, 114
Strong cast wheel for commuter and sports cars
Black or Gunmetal Gray with Machined Lip
Formed via “Most Advanced Technology” (M.A.T) which takes a one-piece cast wheel and spins it to add additional strength
Uses a higher drop point in impact tests and 20% more cycles for bending and radial fatigue tests than required

Price per Wheel : $195-$250

( 4/5 )
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