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Hennessey Performance

Hennessey Performance is brutal. They are giving a solution to the question: What do The Stig, AC/DC, a compressor, and a church have in common? Their most recent development is the Bloody good Exorcist !

We may have had cool Dodge trucks but we have something better now. The SRT Dodge Demon is something really special considering its price-point. The style of development of the Camaro Exorcist is clearly and most certainly Hennessey’s approach of taunting the Dodge contender.  There are a few things that are stopping us from saying that the obviously over-priced Exorcist is a direct and fierce rival of the Dodge Demon. Obviously the Demon comes battle-ready straight from the factory.
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Hennessey Performance

If you follow the two car's history line, there has always been a rivalry between the best known American muscle cars producers. The 1970 Dodge Muscle cars, to witch the new Dodge Demon is a tribute was king back then but Chevy too knows one or two things about making good sports cars .

Well yes, the model that Hennessey made and offers may have a futuristic Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (2018) as a base and a HP package. That boosted the Chevrolet Camaro's horsepower rating to 1000. The car itself may be within the same league in regard to its weight and power units with the Mopar and each of them was engineered for drag athletics, however, there are two major components that separate these two awesome machines.

The first one is that the Dodge Demon is following a path aimed at providing unique characteristics to vehicles for customers, that includes : sleek goodies like the torsion reserve boost system and of course the hop-controlling launch handle of the wheels.

The HPE1000 package, on the opposite hand, follows the high-flow compressor system aspiration and offers technical old school bits for the road automotive that embraces cylinder-ported heads, custom camshafts, and long-tube headers among others.

The warrant conjointly counts during this case. although no data is obtainable on the SRT Dodge Demon warrant, we’re sure that the warranty is a lot more useful compared to the one Hennessey’s one year/12,000-mile for the Camaro ZL1.

Moreover, the promotional material that the Dodge Demon and therefore the unpleasant woman attached was directly aimed at the great warranty the makers offered that should be a key point that makes them stand out from the remainder of the super-boosted Chargers and Challengers the aftermarket setting had been providing for several years.

Hennessey Performance

Still, don’t let all this speak fool you. We’re still hardcore fans of the tire-slashing shenanigans that feature in blower supernaturalism as shown below.

The Hennessey's team will start with a 2017 Camaro ZL1, then add the $55,000 Exorcist upgrade, which is absolutelly brutal. It has a bigger, higher flowing compressor and intercooler, ported plant cylinder heads, a warmer rotating shaft, long-tube chrome steel headers, high-flow air induction system and custom engine management activity.

The Exorcist upgrade is obtainable for each 6-speed manual and 10-speed automatic equipped ZL1 Camaros, although the automated needs another $9,950 value of enhancements therefore the transmission will face up to the fury of the engine's 996 pound.-ft. of torque.

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