A wonderful and yet a glorious day for all sports cars enthusiasts over the world! Especially for JDM fans like us! It's official folks, Nissan said that they will be releasing a new wave of original high quality spares for the bloody Godzilla and most of their ageing Nissan sports cars !

There is no need to pinch yourself, it’s true. The die hard JDM fans are probably already ecstatic but Nissan is launching its Heritage Parts Programme to supply genuine, Nissan-made OE-spec components for the R32, R33, R34 and various generations of the Fairlady Z, and yes, the programme includes the 1999 nissan 300zx !

The early 90s played a vital role in every car lover's life. Some of the greatest japanese sports cars were produced during the decade, the FD Mazda, the Nissan R33 and R34, the Toyota Supra and many more. If you love muscle cars, think of the 60`s and early 70`s, the `90s were the golden era of the JDM sports cars. During the 90's Japan was experiencing a vibrant economic bubble which busted a few years before the cars were released. But you can find traces of the enormous resources that companies have invested in developing the technology for these cars, in fact we wouldn’t have had features like twin turbocharge, four-wheel steering, electronically adjustable suspension, active aerodynamics, whatever you throw at them, they had it.
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Everyone knows that owning a car from the `80s or `90s can be a pain in the back cheeks. Most of the times the car itself is fine and everything is working as it should be but we all know every vehicle needs some maintenance and without the ability to source quality parts it’s impossible ! You have to rely mainly on non OEM car parts that in the end can cause more damage.


And it is pretty expensive. As we showed in our previous articles, a used Nissan 300zx can cost as much as $11300 without car insurance and registration if you want it in pristine condition. Mind you the guys at Jalopnik have spent some 450 labor hours on the car (which might actually double the price, depending on where you go).

As mentioned the Heritage Parts Programme will tackle most of the “non-genuine” parts issues for the greater part of the mentioned cars. The sale starts tomorrow for most, except the R32, but Nissan promised to release the goodies for the Gozilla in the late September or early October ! And as a loyal Fast and Furious fan, I would take Jesse’s place and say "If we have to, overnight parts from Japan.". Anyone ready for this ? Drivin' a legend will be as expensive as driving a Nissan altima !

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