7 Sports Cars that Lied about Their Horsepower Output

Cheating on horsepower ratings is not an uncommon practice in the automotive world. In theory it's not unlike a food company putting less calories on the package than what the food contains but in reality a few less calories will cost a lot less than a few less horsepower.

Sports cars manufactures often report lower output figures than what the car and the engine actually delivers, even today !

This technique saves them a lot of money and of course saves us, the sports cars lovers, a lot of money too. The expected winnings from a new sports cars model are not as high as from a family sedan or a compact SUV. It's the easiest way to go around newly imposed taxes on emissions and cheat EPA and insurance houses. Even further, manufacturers often adjust the desired horsepower in order to get a more NHRA classification. In reality they didn't lie about the figures, just measured the power in conditions that were more favorable to their needs.

Porsche 959
Years: 1986- 1988 Porsche

porsche 969

Remember the 80's, most importantly the Porsche 959. Porche was one of the sports cars manufacturers that never seized to amaze us. The very limited 959 had a 2,85L turbocharged flat-six that managed to produce the outstanding for its time 444 hp.

People were skeptical about the numbers as for how could such a small engine to produce so much power ?! But they were wrong, the 959 didn't make 444hp, on the contrary, numerous dyno tests over the years show that the car delivered 500 with ease, how else would you explain the 0 to 60 times of 3.6 seconds. Further evidence shows that Porsche offered a "beefed up" versions with 515hp, 530 and even as much as 585hp. So the moral of the story here is : "Never trust the Germans !"

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