5 Laughably Overpriced Cars You Could buy on Ebay

As sports cars enthusiasts we can't but to say that we all love used cars. There are plenty of good bargains that fuel our desires and satisfy our needs for thrills. If you put this aside, there are small sports cars that have their price set so high you start to wonder if their owners would actually want to sell it ! Mind you most of them are not luxury cars , nor does the word "collectible" justify their laughable price tag.

5. Used 1997 Honda Civic - 'Hulk'

The highest bid on this car was US $4,575.00 but it didn't sell because the bid didn't not meet the reserve the owner had set. So imagine how much was he asking for that ill fitted cartoon looking car with inconsistent artwork, ugly fitting rims, not one but two rear spoilers, huge nose scoops and cracked fiberglass all around.

This looks like was meant to be a life size toy prototype for 6 year olds.
In my opinion, the bidders dodged a major bullet. This car poor car proves, that mods don't always add value. The offer

4. Used 2001 BMW Z8 - $219,900

The BMW Z8 never managed to impress even when it was new. It was not very powerful, nor it was balanced very good to become a legend like the S2000. It was just another generic BMW roadster that unlike the Z3 had no soul. It just blows my mind how could they put such a price tag on the car, it's literary unsalable ! You could buy a bunch of high performance sports cars like the BMW i8! Yes a bloody i8 for $90 000, and how much cooler is that! Unlike the Z8 it's one of the best 2016 luxury cars! The Offer

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3. Used Porsche 911 - no Engine - $110 000

This Porsche 911- one of the best sports car brands and one of the best sports cars overall - seems like a reasonably priced collectible car - for someone who knows nothing about nice sports cars of course. The car needs a decent amount of bodywork, the brakes are missing, there is no engine and there are some other bits and bolts that you will have to find yourself.

So at the end. you will end up spending about $70k on this already shockingly expensive Porsche sports vehicle and maybe then you would be able to sell it for $100K as this is how much a fully restored one costs.
The offer

2. Used 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo - $89, 900

We know that the Supra is super famous and it's highly desirable, especially the twin-turbo manual, Even if the car has low mileage on the clock the - this price puts it in a different league. The competition in this price range is just too much for the red sports car to handle. If the price was $45 000 the car would seem a bit overpriced but it would definitely make a lot more sense. At that price there are some pretty good luxuy sedans that have the raw power to outperform the stock Supra.
The offer

1. 1960 Volkswagen Kombi - $159,900

Last but not least - the symbol of freedom - the Volskwagen Bus. This car is so overrated that only a hipster app millionaire could afford one. The vehicle actually has a lot of history behind it and it's one of the most recognizable cars on the Planet. On the other hand its 54 hp engine could just barely move it and one could not describe it as comfortable or in anyway luxurious as the price suggests.
The offer

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