John Gomes comes from a family that loves sports cars. His passion was always supported heavily by his father ! John has always love Japanese cars but he wants to be unique and special. That's why he made an obvious choice : to buy a R35 GTR and then modify the hell out of it ! His GTR is the only one to have a wide carbon fiber Skipper wide  body kit.

The First Skipper GTR in the USA
What started your passion ?

"I loved cars since I was about 8, my dad used to race cars for living so that's were it all started."

What was your first love ?
The R34 is the car he first fell in love with. The famous franchise the Fast and the Furious helped a lot in supporting this opinion.
Anything special about it what did you loved most?   "The rarity of the car and off course Paul Walker had it haha. " Mind you the money can spent can buy you a lot of large luxury sedans !

Why the R35?
" I loved the body style it's one of the best looking coupe sports cars and the power and it has huge aftermarket options and you can pretty much kill luxury cars and super cars with ease !"
We totally agree with John, the R35 and its hand made engine was build and engineered to be as fast as a super car but twice as cheap ! Power to the people !


Any plans for the future ?

"Getting the car prept currently to make 1000 whp!"

"The car currently has the SBD700 package the only skipper wide body carbon GTR in the country built by Apac and  July I will be doing the motor transmission and bigger turbos that will be done by IAP!"

Alright lets head down to see the car menu for quick specs overview.

Car menu

Owner - John Gomes,
Home town-Maryland ,

Car : Nissan GTR R35 2016

Power (measured in horesepower) - the car has sbd700 package on the dyno 748 hp.

Engine (engine and upgrades) -

sbd700, Drivetain (any updates),

Engine Management (who maintains and upgrades your engine/ the mechanic)-    IAP.

Wheels & tires,- Corse Werks 3 piece racing wheels, tires - Toyo R888

Exterior - skipper carbon wide body kit,

Interior Titan Motorsport roll cage and takata racing harness ,


Who would you like to thank ?
for supporting you throughout the years /thank someone who helped you or was by your side when building the car.
" I will like to thank my awesome girlfriend Nayeli Camacho for being by my side through out the whole built and all my sponsors for the support such as Apac, Baker Performance, Corse Werks, Toyo automobile tire and Abuffandbeyondauto 😎 And my first major event will be “wana go fast”, I will be racing the car at half mile shoot out this month ! You can follow John and his build at @wolfpackdmv on Instagram. / @corsewerks,@iap,@apac_auto,@toyo,@inspiredautosport.
The car is also going to participate in the SEMA at the Corsewerk's booth.

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