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We live in times when we have to be frequently aware of the way our actions affect the environment for the sake of us and our children. One of the primary things to consider is the high-performance sports cars and motor car we decide on for our personal use. But no matter how responsible we feel for protecting the Planet, the truth is that car enthusiasts would still go for nice sports cars that are fun to drive...
In reality, the hybrid cars haven't really be considered as eligible to fall into that ‘entertaining’ category. Still, there are quite a few badass cars available to purchase today that will do the job, until the automotive engineering find a way to make the hybrid and electric vehicles more enjoyable to drive. Today we will share with you ten of the best cars that can get 30 miles to the gallon on the highway but are also fun to drive. Let’s see whether we can catch you by surprise with some of our finds.

Toyota GT86/FRS/BRZ/

subaru brz
We kick off our list of eco-friendly cars with that co-op between Subaru and Toyota companies. Handling like a go kart and powered by a 200 horsepower boxer engine, the lightweight GT-86 in its automatic version easily reach the 34 miles on a single gallon of gas, and if you go for your own gears expect to hit 30. The exterior is attractive and leaves little for us to wish for – just check out the rear wheel drive sports coupe and nicely rounded interior. If you need more power this little beast is created for modifications.

BMW 228i

bmw 228i
BMW 228i is definitely not the winner in the BMW Power Universe where the greatest M Line is waving the cup. The 3,000-pounds cool sports BMW is able to run 0 to 60 mph for less than 5.5 seconds, while still hitting the 35 miles to the gallon on the highway. The heart here is 240 horsepower, coupled with a smooth shifting automatic transmission, which while failing to place BMW 228i as the fastest car – it still makes it ass-kicking and pleasurable to drive.

Mazda Miata

2016 mazda miata red png
Mazda Miata has received a lot of mockery due to its size and feminine appeal, but it’s somehow managed to surpass its stigma and gain huge fandom across the world. A lot has changed in regards to the ‘endearing’ exterior, but one thing has remained untouched - its handling abilities. So while not the fastest car on the highway, it does give a boost of adrenaline in the turns. Also, Mazda Miatas are pretty economical sports cars, capable of getting 36 miles to the gallon on the highway.


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