When you are buying a coupe what you get is very little space at the back and a very small boot, so all you are paying for, in reality are the looks, this one though is different. It's the Mazda RX8, you might agree that it is not the prettiest and fastest sports car in the world, it's like they've had all these different suggestions and they tried to fit them all. We updated our article, so today we'll show you more than 5 reasons to buy a Mazda Rx8.
Also it might look like a coupe, but it actually has four doors ! At least you don't get to worry weather to get a coupe or sedan, just get both. The back seats are not exactly spacious but there is enough space for 2 and a half kids. This car is sensational, you get all of the benefits of the coupe with no of the drawbacks and all the practicality of the saloon. The car is perfect and it's one of the nicest sports cars ... unless you get to drive it in the rain!

1. The looks

If you get over the "rotary" design obsession, a small car like this is stunningly beautiful! The Mazda Rx8 unlike many has an all round design. The interior is also funky fresh. And the dials are just...
Mazda Rx8 interior dashboard

2. It's over 9000 RPM

The Rotary engine Mazda! The 1.3 rotary engine outputs 231 bhp (in Europe) which is more than enough to get you around with a smile. The drawbacks are the poor fuel consumption and the relatively short lifespan, but boy does that engine "LOVES TO REV". You even have a small beep to tell you when to shift!


Your engine can go over 100 000k miles but you have to use it properly. Never go over 4000 rpm on a cold engine, always add up oil when needed, do not use synthetic oil, use only organic! Never over heat a rotary engine Mazda!Unfortunately most of the RX8 owners didn't care about their car precisely and with passion, this is one of the reasons why Mazda RX8 has such a bad reputation!

3. Cheap, it's cheap.

mazda rx8 sale
The sport compact car is relatively cheap compared to cars of similar class and vintage. In the EU you can buy a descent 2005 model for around 3500 Euros, even less if you have a little patience.

4. Cornering and handling !

The 50/50 neutral balance is very rewarding in Mazda rx 8 coupe. You can speed up and still feel sure that you will take the corner. The steering is very sharp and precise. It's also very controllable in drifting. Caution: On wet roads the car becomes a little bit skittish.

Loves to drift

This little power rocket really loves to drift. Just push the car to high revs and hold the wheel. The engine may not have torque but the acceleration is so smooth that you will have no problem holding a drift.

It's suicidal

mazda rx8 open doors
This one is extra. But the RX8 brings back the classic gangsta suicidal doors. How cool is that ?

5. Engine and go

It has a great engine, it makes a good noise and it is one of the easiest cool sports cars to drive fast! You can push it to the limit and it will fight back. The guy who was running Mazda used to race cars, and it kinda shows this is actually one of the top sports coupes! However when you finish clowning around it settles down, it gets comfortable and dignified.

Photo: @Nicholastjr / insta

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