Living with a car guy. We all know that we PetrolHeads are a different kind of people. Most studies show that people’s brains  usually have two parts, one responsible for arts and one for science. But we have a third part which combines both and it’s all about CARS.

My wife recently told me that I care more about the car than about her which made me ask myself, what makes us so different from normal people.  Sure our hearts pump high octane liquids but there must be some distinct characteristics that make us stand out from the crowd.
So I went on a quest, asking my family and some of my closest friends to name a few things that you should know before you start living or even interacting with a Petrol Head. Here is my shortlist of the best lines and car quotes they could think off.

You care more about the car than you care about us…

There is quite a good chance that you’ve heard this quite a few times in your life. Although it’s not entirely true, there are some things you should know about us car people.  First off, wipe your feet when you come in the car, don’t eat or drink anything in the car, don’t hold sharp objects, like your keys for instance if you want to operate the radio or even open the door, you might scratch something!
Don’t you ever rest your bottom on my hood, especially if the car is dirty, be careful when you load luggage into the car, If you drop it you might scratch my baby’s paint.

You want to drive the car – “I mean WHAT ? Are you crazy? “ – first you have to prove yourself careful enough to be driving my car. There will be quite a few tests.
Even a small dent or a scratch on the car will haunt us for weeks!

Bros before h0es!

What does this even mean? Well, it’s quite easy to explain – it’s target audience is people aged 18-25 and it means that you won’t ditch your friends or your squad in order to be with some light witted individual.

For some it’s just a car, for others is life!

We all love sporty new cars. When you invest in one some may call it the “debt jet” but our car is usually what define us at this life stage. A substantial amount of our free time and monetary savings are spent on the car. Custom rims, engine upgrades, cosmetics, you name it we bought it.

True story... isn't it?

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Driving is my therapy, my escape.

We don’t need to consult a psychiatrist when we have a dilemma in our heads. We don't need luxury cars either. What we need is just a cruise on the open road in our trusty old friend and no one else.

Weekends with friends, you mean car meets?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Honda, a Nissan, a JDM cars or a mucle car fanboy, car meets are the only place you are sure to meet someone with sports auto like you !  A fellow that understands you completely and laughs at your jokes, just because he actually understands them : “ She cheated on you ? Chill out man it’s not like she scratched the car… “ . You know what I mean. Car meets are like tech groups and forums, you can get valuable info and opinions on the recent upgrades you’ve made and so on. Some of the best friendships are born around such places.

We are at the end of our article, but some important questions still linger in our minds. Have you ever asked yourself : “What’s it like living with me ?”, “ Am I talking only about cars ?” “Are petrolheads fun or are we somewhat annoying to other people? “ “ Do they still want to interact with us or they tend to stay away if possible. “… Well if you don’t take yourself too seriously there is nothing to worry about.
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