4. Slammed Stance Hellaflush Nation
Like stretched tyres, it’s also fairly simple to understand why slammed vehicles won’t be track stars. Having a vehicle’s clearance within millimeters of the ground means the suspension has to essentially be a rigid system, without any travel. The stiffer the suspension is, the less capable it is of absorbing bumps.

Cars which have been lowered too much will either bottom out frequently (thanks to a suspension that’s too soft and not enough clearance) or bounce over every bump (from a suspension that’s too firm). Either way, ride quality will be poor and mechanical grip will be minimised. The hellaflush idea is unsafe enough that the Quebec government has banned its use, and insurance companies can legally reject your claims if you’re in an accident and have these modifications.
Slammed Stance Hellaflush Nation
Now if you absolutely must have the slammed appearance, do it right and fit an air suspension. This allows driving at a normal ride height when you’re moving, and you can lower it down when you’re parked. Just like the city bus: Awesome. No really; city buses are awesome.

5. Drilled Rotors

Drilled rotors do have a purpose, but it’s a case of the benefits not outweighing the drawbacks. The sharp edges of the drilled holes create stress rises in the rotor, and as it works through wide temperature ranges - from extremely hot, back down to ambient - it can result in cracked rotors.

The benefit of the holes is that they allow for brake compound gases, debris, or water (steam) to escape, and thus allow for the brake pad to maintain contact with the rotor. That said, slotted rotors do this as well without such a high tendency to fail. Also worth mentioning is that by drilling (or slotting) the discs, the amount of surface area avaiable to reject heat into is reduced.
Still not convinced? If you’re dead set on having drilled rotors, know that some are better than others. Having a round, curved, chamfered edge rather than a straight, drilled hole will improve the rotor and pad life by eliminating sharp leading edges and thus minimising the stress induced.
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