2017 Honda Civic Type R Specs & Price

The Honda Type R is the best performance version of the cool hatchback 10th gen Honda Civic made by Honda Motor Company of Japan. It features a redeveloped lightened and strenghtened body, specially tuned engine and upgraded brakes and chassis. Honda was literary the star if the Paris Motor Show with the presentation of the all-new Civic Type R – one of its finest creations available to the public.

The show car will will be a close-to-production model, which means that when the Type R goes on Sale in 2017 it will have little to no difference. The R is based on the new generation Civic Hatch that was also reviled the same day! Honda, however, decided to step up its game and introduced a car that challenges the Mazda 3 sport gt, and this car is the new Honda Civic hatchback.

Styling is a key feature in the design of the new Type R.  We all know that type R has always had extremely flashy and aggressive design. But this time Honda says that they will be trying make the R appeal to a broader audience by going for a more subtle exterior look than with the 2015 Civic Type R .  Although the remain of the large rear wing, the front and rear diffuser, aggressive side skirts design, the smoked lenses and new bumper designs talk differently. The R is as bongos and aggressive as its predecessors used to be upon their release.

The best hot hatch right now!

One thing will be changed for the 2017 version though, the sports car was spotted numerous times doing hot laps on the Nurburgring race track in Germany with a large rear spoiler which will be still present for the optional aero package, but will be changed for a more subtle rear spoiler in the production model.

type R 2017 back

From engineering point of view, the Civic Type R Specs has undergone some changes. The new version will be powered by a reworked version of the current 2.0-litre turbo engine but with an 11% incensement in performance which will shave off 0.7 seconds from the 0-62 times. Or in other worlds the all-new  5 door Honda Civic Type R will come with a 340bhp, 450Nm 2.0 T engine and a 0-62 times of around 5 seconds.

Despite all that power the Type R will be sticking to the Front Wheel Drive layout and a manual six gearbox. This makes it the most powerful front wheel drive hot hatch car, even more powerful that the recently released Golf GTi Clubsport ( a stripped out more powerful version of the GTi, with a front wheel drive layout and 306hp 2.0 engine).

Something more 2017 Honda Civic Type R captures Nurburgring lap record

Honda reported that the 2017 Civic Type R model has claimed the fastest front-wheel-drive lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit. On April 3, Honda's future hot hatch demolished the current record with a run of 7 minutes, 43.8 seconds -- a full 5.41 seconds faster than the previous record holder, the VW GTI Clubsport.

side 2017 civic

Engineers have also fiddled with the dimensions of the car, the R will be around 30mm wider, 20mm lower and 130mm longer than at present.  It feels like premium sedan inside.  The Trademark Honda Civic R series design cues such as the red bumper detailing, flared wheelarches and oversized air intakes do remain. The traditional body shape will also be a big plus from a practical point of view. We are expecting Honda to begin production in Q2 of 2017.

Expected price 38 000 $

You can watch the video bellow ! The Type R in real life.

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