The most popular nickname for Skyline GT-R is “Godzilla”. This Nickname firstly appeared in 1990 when the Nissan GTR 32 took part in Australian touring car championship. By the end of it`s first season the R32 managed to knock the Ford Sierra of the podium, which it held for a considerable amount of time.

10. The Godzilla Nickname

The media begun calling the newly introduced Nissan “The Godzilla” because of its Japanese origin and its immense power, and since then, “Godzilla Nissan GTR” is associated with every gt-r badged car.

9. The GT-R R35 is better in the snow than a SUV

When it snows outside, don’t worry reaching for the X5’s keys, you’ll be better off driving the GT-R. Godzillas are the best sports cars in snow weathers. With its ‘ATTESA E-TS’ torque-vectoring all wheel drives system, power to the GT-R’s wheels can be set independently. This means in seriously low traction situations, the wheels with most grip will be utilized by the car’s smart system.

The technology wasn't mainly designed for snow, however. Instead, the independent 4-wheel torque vectoring system was designed to help maximize traction off the line as well as at speed. The amazing acceleration times therefore owe thanks to this system.

nissan gtr r35 snow

8. Cheating on horsepower

During the 90`s, when the king was R32 Nissan, there was an agreement between manufacturers, that limited the horsepower output of every car to a maximum 276HP. However the Rb26 was found in the R32 Nissan GTR, Nissan R33 GTR and Nissan R34 GTR. The legendary engine was designed for a much higher power output than that. Nissan advertised all GT-Rs as having 276HP, but when the first cars rolled off the production line and people starting hitting the dyno, everyone was surprised to see that at factory stock form, the Rb26 was making 330+ HP.

7. The Nissan GT-R R35 is not a Skyline

Probably most of you guys know this, but we feel obligated to say it. Although the fastest Nissan GT-R (R35) is the official successor of the R34 Skyline, Nissan had stated in the R35 release event, that they have cut out the “skyline” name and that from now on the new car is going to be called simply Nissan GT-R. The Nissan R33 skyline was the least liked GTR.

6. The first Skyline was not a Nissan, it was Datsun.. So no there is no Nissan Skyline GTR35

The First Skyline was made by Prince Motors, Japanese automobile manufacturer, which was founded in 1955. Prince Motors designed the first 2 generations of the Skyline. Later the production was given to Datsun, which produced the first GT-R Skyline and then the Japanese automobile brand was renamed to Nissan.

5. The Hakosuka Name

The first Skyline marked as “GT-R” was code named the “Skyline C10” and was introduced in 1969. It is referred to as the “Hakosuka”, “Hako” stands for “BOX” in Japanese and “Suka” is short for Skyline. It was given that name due to its beautiful boxy design. During the 70s many people were impressed how beautiful and fast Nissan was.

4. Nissan Skyline R34 Nismo Z Tune

In the celebration of the Nismo anniversary, Nissan gave approval to Nismo to build a special version of the R34 called the "Z-Tune". Then Nismo purchased twenty used Nissan GTR Spec V each with less than 30 000 km on the clock. The cars were completely striped and resprayed to a special "z-color". Then they received the 2.8L RB28DETT engine. Which was revised to reach 8,000 rpm and it was paired with twin turbos and other minor upgrades. The power output jump instantly. Nismo produced 500 hp car, but decided to stop there, mainly for warranty reasons. Nissan Skyline R34 Z Tune was the fastest Nissan car at that time. Now we have Nissan R35 Nismo.

nissan skyline gtr r34 z tune
Photo: Nissan GTR R34 V Spec

3. The GT-R’s gearbox changes gear as fast a Ferrari Enzo’s

Just like the Ferrari Enzo, it takes only 150ms to shift gear in a Nissan GT-R. However, unlike the Enzo, the GT-R’s twin-clutch paddle shift gearbox can be set to change gear less harshly or even driven in fully automatic mode. The GT-R’s gearbox is amazingly versatile, with the ability to shift like a supercar, or kindly slide its way up the cogs.

2. How the GT-R Returned

In 1990 Nissan needed a new vehicle to complete in a group a racing championship. Due to the group rules, all participating cars must be existing, road legal models. Since the last GT-R model was out of production for 16 years at that time, Nissan decided to bring back the Skyline with Nissan R32 GTR. The newly introduced Skyline managed to win every championship it entered for the firsts year and become an icon because if its amazing driving behavior and distinctive body shape. It also brought us the RB26 engine that was used up until the GT-R R34.

nissan gtr r35 godzilla race 12h buthurst

1. Returning after a while

In 1992 Jim Richards, managed to win the 12h buthurst race behind the wheel of the Nissan R32 Skyline. However none of the future Skyline's managed to win this race again. It took twenty three years to Nissan to be back at the podium, when the Gtr R35 managed to win the 2015 12h buthurst event. The GTR remains in the top 20 sports cars !

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