Top Performance Cars Under $30,000
Not everything is about checking a box or proving the right statistics, some cars are all about the enjoyment.

Ford Mustang Ecoboost

You might consider the Mustand Ecoboost as a great bargain – it’s 300 hp and costs $25,995. But then to make it actually good – you have to additionally buy performance pack and the good seats to place in a base Ecoboost. And there you are, already spending around $30,000. So, rather than going for the Ecoboost, why not gather up some patience and save up some more to invest in the marvelous V8 instead.

Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST has a problem – and the problem is that Fiesta ST exists, a car that immediately makes you see it as the hottest hatch there is. Also, the fact the Recaro seats might trick you to think that the Focus has something worth considering – please try them first to quickly find out how crappy they actually are.

MyFordTouch is pretty bad and the interior – nothing worth talking about. It’s reasonably fun to drive, but in comparison to the Fiesta ST and the GTI – it’s just very very big. The only reason to go for the Focus is because you need more space.
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