rx7 mazda
A 1.3-liter rotary engine powers the 2,800 lbs. Mazda RX-7, featuring also sequential turbochargers that gave it 255 HP and 217 lb-ft. of torque. Thanks to its willing chassis, balanced weight distribution and instant response from the rotary engine, the RX-7 make 0-60 time in roughly 5 seconds.

4. Mazda rx7 from Tokyo Drift

We can only speculate on what happened with the real F&F Mazda Rx-7, but after a quick research we found a good replica put up for sale in Belgium at the price of €35,000 (around $47,500).

5. 1970 Ford Escort RS1600 F&F6

The Ford Escort RS1600 is the tiny car that’s powered by the best engine Ford and Cosworth have ever invented. First released in 1969, most of the RS1600 came with microscopic four-cylinder, overhead-valve engines of 1.1- or 1.3-liter displacement, which were low-compression, low-horsepower engines that could produce more torque than those engines did using only your tongue.
The 1.6-liter twincam 16-valve BDA four-cylinder engine based on the Ford's ‘Kent’ block, which in addition to Ford's first four-valve combustion chambers, is what turned the sluggish 1970 Escort into a stern athlete ready to compete. And even thought the BDA made only 113 horsepower, the fact that the car weighs below 1,800 pounds, means that its power-to-weight ratio is actually analogous to that of today’s much more aggressive sports cars.

ford escort

Think of that half-pint muscle car (which is actually hardly muscular) as the '69 Camaro for lads. What add to its legendary image are the great moments it had in Fast & Furious 6. Maybe you remember the huge jump it did across a highway divider in the Canary Islands, which no matter how spectacular to see, in reality completely wrecked the car. So, understandably, we won’t be seeing the car on sale, so if you’re determined to drive an Escort, then you should pay a visit to you nearest Ford dealer.

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