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Who is Matt Chilcote and what's all the fuzz about him? He is one of those rare special upright fellows that are at the heart of the community we all take pride to be part of! His story sounds familiar to each and every one of us but goes way deeper, starting from a family that loves muscle cars and slowly moving his focus onto the JDM scene!

What started your passion?

My passions started with my dad always having sports cars. I rode home from the hospital at birth in a 1970 boss 302 mustang. Growing up he had a Corvette and collected Camaros (3 at one time), so I was actually a big Chevy guy. At 10 I saw the fast and the furious and was infatuated with a community I had no idea existed. I was immediately hooked to the JDM import scene.

The cars, environment, even the different sounds just seemed so awesome to me. My first import came at 17 and it was a 1991 Nissan 300zx. I did my amateur drifting everyday to school and got hooked up with my first car crew called Team Blacklist in the Bay Area, CA. That's where my passion really grew because then I was attending meets, doing cruises, and just truly trying to live the car scene life. I ended up selling the 300zx to get a 3000gt VR4. I got to do some really cool mods and actually worked on this car myself with a few buddies` help of course. Unfortunately I blew the motor and it was time for me to move on to something new.

Why the S2000 ?

I was working at Honda at the time at a local dealership, and had sat in the S2000 CR. I liked it but wasn't really to interested as it seemed too small and a little under powered, plus I grew up an American car guy and the car they always hate on is Hondas! I test drove the 350z and an EVO 9 and was pretty sold on the EVO. I had a friend who told me just test drive the s2k! He promised it would be one of the greatest rides and it really was! I was so impressed by the handling, weight distribution, power was actually better than I thought, and the gear box is truly the closer. I have never felt a better shifter than the one on the s2000. So I bought it and have never looked back! An unlikely couple but I truly am happy that I chose her!

Matt Chilcote and The Sickest S2000

What are your plans for the future ?

I would love to do some recreational track days and drag racing. The car has spent so much time in body shops and performance shops in the last 2 years that it's really time to enjoy it.

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Owner -        Matt Chilcote
Home town- Castro Valley, CA
Power-  357 whp

Engine-HKS supercharged F22 Mechanics are Jeremy and Gyath from RedZone Race, Supercharger, piping, and BOV is neochrome Gold done by, Spark plug cover, cooling plate and intake manifold are a custom gold flake carbon fiber hydrodip done by West Coast Hydrographix

Wheels & Tires-  Advan racing GT Wheels and Continental Extreme Contact DW Tires

Exterior- Satin flat black paint by Valley Auto Body Circuit Garage, rear over fenders, AMIS front wide body fenders,JDP rear carbon diffuser, Shine Auto Projects carbon side skirts,

Interior - Gauge pods by Ortiz custom pods and double din gauge pod with pro sport gauges, NRG hub, Sparco steering wheel

Suspension- Buddy club coil overs, Spoon rear control arms, Spoon rigid collars, Spoon front axel spacers, Innovative mounts engine mounts, transmission mount, and rear differential mounts, Spoon rear axle spacer and steering rack spacer, Rear differential has reinforced housing by CT engineering

Brakes- R1 Concepts - 6 piston front 4 piston rear big brake kit

sick honda

Special Thanks to

Who would you like to thank ?

Special thanks are to: for 24k gold pieces, to my sponsors: Continental Tire, Yokohama Wheel, Innovative Mounts Biggest and West Coast HydroGraphix

Special thanks to my dad, David Chilcote for raising me into cars, and supporting my passion, and my girlfriend Kim Laursen who supports me with all of the long trips, all nighters working on it, large undisclosed amount of money put into it!

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