dodge charger 1970

8. 1970 Dodge Charger RT

Did you also immediately fall for the beastly 1970 Dodge Charger RT which Vin Diesel drove in the movie? Good news for you because the car is finally put on sale by the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois. Similarly to all the other muscle cars, the Charger RT has received some spanky additions such as the gargantuan bonnet scoop, a modified interior, a race steering wheel, and distinctive decals on the exterior.
You’ll need quite a lot of money in your bank account to purchase the car, which costs $149,998 and is much more expensive than its standard counterpart. But the added value here is that Vin Diesel was the one to wreck in the movie – so you’ll have a lot to talk about if you decide to become its new and proud owner.

9. Original Fast & Furious Toyota Supra stunt car

The original stunt car 1993 Toyota Supra featured in the first ‘Fast & Furious’ sequel and starred in the final drag race scene, will be on sale for $185,000 at the Indianapolis Mecum auction mid-May. The engine that powers the Super is the 3.0-liter 2JZ-GE inline-six mated to a 5-speed stick, but unfortunately the twin Holley Performance nitrous bottles visible through the rear hatch aren't connected to it. The rest we are familiar with – the Bomex body kit, the huge APR rear wing, the Dazz wheels, and signature wild modern image graphics.
toyota supra f&f

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