Influenced by Toyota’s idea to turn connected cars into reality, Hyundai is making a similar commitment. In the long run, the automaker is planning to develop technology that would enable its cars to detect any maintenance problems and even fix themselves. But first, Hyundai will focus its efforts on its new philosophy to ‘connect cars to life’ by connecting smartphones to cars much more efficiently.

self repair car

Hyundai is planning to develop a smart traffic technology

What we’re more interested in, however, is the brand’s long-term goals, which are also much more extensive too. Hyundai is planning to develop a smart traffic technology and autonomous cars that interact with road infrastructure, also foreseeing connected cars geared with a ‘smart remote maintenance service’ that can ‘remotely diagnose and fix vehicle issues before they become apparent.’ To collect vehicle data and provide computing power, Hyundai will employ cloud technology. To also ensure that large sets of data are used in the most efficient way, a lot of the R&D will be invested in the big data analytics. Also Hyundai’s ‘Mobility Hub’ will further guarantee high security and data management for all elements of a connected car. But the cherry on the cake is without any doubt Hyundai’s ‘Hyper-connected and Intelligent Car’ concept. 

The brand will work jointly with a number of global IT and networking companies for the development of such an innovative and 2.0 vehicle. No official timeline has been released in regards to when we might witness the results of its efforts, and we’re yet to find out the details, regarding the way in which the self-repairing systems will be actually functioning.

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