If you ask Japfest fans, yes. But the question remains – does it really deserve the place at the top or is another car more entitled to get the spot instead?

The attendees at the ‘Japfest’ mutually agreed that with its full caps and everything that’s the Most Iconic Japanese Car ever. Still wondering what we are talking about?

Nissan Skyline, of course!

The Japfest organizers conducted a survey to find out which car their fan base considered the most iconic of all. The results were more then straightforward - Nissan Skyline is the thing. Straight after the legendary Skinline came the Toyota Supra, followed by the Subaru Impreza WRX that proudly took the 3rd place.

nissan skyline gtr

‘It’s no surprise to see that it’s been named as the most iconic Japanese performance car of all time,’ elaborated Katherine Chappell, Japfest event manager. Having in mind the solid fan base behind Skyline, the results didn’t catch us by surprise.

However, we’re all curious to find out whether the Skyline really deserves the top position or whether there’s another performance legend born in Japan is more eligible to get the title. Below you can find the survey we created especially for the purpose and if we encourage you take part in it.

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