The time has come to resolve the never-ending debate – what’s the difference between a Ricer and a Tuner. People who don’t own (or like) Japanese cars would argue that ‘a ricer’ is any other car than a Mustang, Camaro or Challenger and/or an American sports car. In fact one of the most riced out cars is the Mustang !


What's a Tuner ?
A Tuner, as a car is a vehicle that comes with a detuned engine, build by enthusiasts with real knowledge of car performance and aerodynamics. The tuners release the car’s regulated power and upgrade the car by installing mods and making additional changes, mostly performance orientated. Visual upgrades would be mostly subtle and difficult to discern unless their aim is to attract sponsors or they have to stand out.
The main tuner's ambition is to achieve supreme performance. Work is required mainly on the motor but also a good handful of revision and replacement of different parts. While engine modifications are central to the tuning process, extra changes would be also necessary to ensure that the car could actually handle the extra power that’s being released and respectively, increased BHP of the car. Better brakes, steering and transmission modifications, replacement of the tires with wider ones, and stiffened suspension are among those accompanying upgrades. On the outside, not much will change, with the exception of low tires, spoiler, and modified suspension.
Given the fact that tuners know what their doing, their cars will sound great, perform well on 1/4 miles, do awesome burnouts and will make babes wet !

You can watch the video:

What's a Ricer ?
A ricer is literally the exact opposite of a tuner. Ricers are mainly concerned with the looks of their vehicle, and engage with exterior changes such as adding spoilers just for fun (with no function whatsoever), sound systems that will make your ears hurt, JDM part, body kits, and wait for it..... hideous stickers.
So the ricers’ cars (often associated with Honda) have zero performance value, but have a lot of kitish exterior modifications that, weirdly they are more than happy to show off. We don't want to be offensive, because we also agree that a Civic that produces power and can run with performance built rides doesn’t fall into the ‘ricer’ cringe category. In fact, we’ve seen Civics race and win over a great deal of muscle cars some of which were actually tuned.
Further more, ricers often use JDM engines, they blidnly put second-hand Japanese engines, which are detuned to comply with the U.S requirements. Unfortunately, owning a JDM part doesn’t make your car a ‘tuner’. So no, a Honda Civic Ex with a KA24DDETTJZ engine from a JDM won’t make you cooler.

In conclusion 
So to sum up - if you’re inspired to make changes to your car - think twice whether you feel like improving the performance of your vehicle first and according to it alter it on the surface, or you’d rather go for the clownish exterior changes, which will grant you with the stinky title of an amateur or in other words ‘a ricer’.

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