Prepare for some German Engineering in the HOUSE ! Two VAG contenders that have 2.0L inline fours that make other manufacturers ENVY !

5. Volkswagen Golf R / AUDI TTS— 155 mph

‘The People’s’ Car always finds way to make us stretch the mouth into a smile, by ensuring that by driving a VW we’ll get the ultimate natural high. If you wanna hit with ease the adrenaline-boosting 155 miles per hour – then you’re looking for Volkswagen’s Golf R, with its 292 horsepower 2.0-liter motor. Latest editions have greater horsepower and also contain all-wheel drive, sport suspension and a piercing six-speed gearbox – which makes the fans impatient to see what the future holds for the little Golf R as it continues to grow!

Audi’s TTS is the petit luxury sporty that also hits the 155 miles per hour, thanks to its 265 horsepower 2.0-liter inline-four cylinder engine, so it can really make Mercedes and BMW have a run for their money. The 2015 edition marks the ninth year of production of the TTS, which only reminds us that it’s about time that Audi really introduced an upgrade. Until then, we’ll be still enjoying driving that bijou fast enough to outshine almost any muscle car and many of the high performance rides of its class.

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