Due to their efficiency, capability, and lack of balance - which also makes gives them so much character - the five-cylinder engines have won steady following over the years. Those larger displacement engines can be easily placed in bays created for four-pots, which eliminates the need for a six-pot.

audi rs
Audi’s had great achievements in motorsport, using odd-cylindered engines, similarly to the quirky Volvo, which has been using them for years. The golden years of the five-cylinder engine, however, are coming to an end, with automakers being more inclined to place small, turbocharged and cheaper to make four-cylinder engine in their cars. Both Volvo and VW have complied with the downsizing trend.
The last car to resist downsizing is Audi RS3 with its 2.5-litre engine turning 362bhp and 343lb ft – an absolute blast!


Now let’s remember the pleasures of big displacement engines while we’re still on the topic of downsizing. Though statements like ‘there’s no replacement for displacement’ are not really to our taste, we still truly appreciate the adrenaline-boost of knowing that plenty fuel and air is flooding into the engine; that there’s infinite flow of power beneath our feet.


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