Sports cars automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world.

If you pay attention to the U.S. roads – it won’t be long until you notice a pattern - compact sedans, big clumsy pick-up trucks and SUVs driving one after another and literally flooding the streets. It seems to us that people increasingly opt for a daily commuter, a non-pretentious vehicle to take them from A to B without attracting any attention. But then, there’s us - the passionate petrolheads who desire to own a car that speaks out their personality; a car with a character. And then we roll our sleeves and get down to business, customizing it and adding that special twist that will grasp the attention of the passersby, while we’re cruising down the road. But be cautious as the Law prohibits most mods. Here is our top 7 most common mods that can get you in trouble !

Chip tuning / ECU tuning

More hp = More emissions = larger ticket

Emissions - Tuning your car with a chip is a lot of enthusiasts’ ticket to Paradise - adding a chip theoretically improves your car's performance, especially if it's used on a turbo diesel vehicle. The problem, however, is that an ‘engine chip’ will often disable or pass by the emissions systems of the car, without it your car will immediately fail to meet the standard regulations of the emissions test. Also it's a possibility that your ‘check engine’ light will also light up for eternity. Just remember that a chip capable overriding your car's stock settings is both possibly harming your car and also illegal in most states. Get rid of it ! The performance boost is mostly not worth the risk.

Warranty - Another thing to consider when adding a chip is loosing your warranty or extended warranty. The moment you open your ECU case to install the chip – you are instantaneously losing the security of your own warranty. Your car’s engine computer wasn’t designed to handle any significant change after the vehicle has been released from the factory and should be left to execute the functions it was originally given. Plus, if the dealer of the chip is claiming that by opening your computer box and adding a chip you will completely change the way your car feels and boost its output drastically – don’t listen to him– it’s a scam. 

Efficiency – “Engine chip” modifications can have negative effects on a vehicle’s gas mileage too.

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