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A second-hand, fourth-generation Supra can be picked up for as little as $ 15, 000 possibly cheaper if you look hard enough. It depends on car's condition and your trader's skills. So here’s a modified orange one that has just sold at auction for the amount of $200, 000. Yes we are not talking about the new Supra Toyota, we are talking about one special Supra.
However, this particular modified shiny orange Supra - sold at auctions’ Indy 2016 sale - is the only one driven by the Paul Walker in 2001’s The Fast and The Furious. The cool sports car that arrived in a film that kicked off a franchise in which the latest movie made over one billion dollars at the box office.
This specific example was one of the many Supras used in the movie, featuring the last race scene where the sports car jumps a railroad crossing while racing against a Charger driven by Vin Diesel. The Supra MK4 is also one of the fifty-eight amazing cars developed by a man named Eddie Paul.
And because it’s an amazing car, it gets Good Stuff like a set of competition seats, heavy duty suspension, a full roll cage, and a strengthened fuel tank. 
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You might have also mentioned that huge rear wing, wild body kit, alloys, and graphics. Some gauges happen inside, too.

So with sport luxury cars likes R8 Audi or McLaren 540C-rivalling cost tag, what specifically is under the ‘hood’? Probably many of you are curious to find out how much is Toyota Supra horsepower? A 220bhp, non-turbo version of Toyota’s straight-six, matched up to a 5-speed gearbox driving the rear wheels. Not extremely fast nor furious, in truth, and a far cry from the screen-based beast that tears up one of the fastest cars Ferrari F355… Do you remember this scene?
toyota supra mk4
So, is $200, 000 just too much for a modified, not so fast Mark IV Supra? Or does the point it appeared in a film and was driven by the late Paul Walker make it the deal of the century? Share with us what do you think about it. And please, fightings are not allowed.

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