Hollywood has given the world seven great turbo charged movies to where the cars get more attention than the actors themselves.  The Fast and Furious franchise has already grossed over 3 billion dollars to date and Vin Diesel is promising the world another three movies.  If you find something that works keep with it right?
fast and furious

The films have taken place in a wide range of locations.  California, England, Mexico, and Japan for example.  Each location has its iconic car scene do go along with it.  California has its import and domestic muscle car scenes.  In England we seen many different type of classic european cars taking to the streets.  Mexico featured a wide array of off road racing machines.  Japan took the world to the nerve center of the Japanese car scene.

We have compiled a list that is aimed at everyone in the world.  Here are our ten favorite cars from the Fast and Furious franchise.
Our Fast and Furious Favorite Cars !

supra paul

3th place for the Ferrari killer SUPRA MK4

After his Eclipse explodes (we told you that nitrous was dangerous), Brian still owes Dom a 10-second car. So Brian acquires a totaled Supra, and Dom’s crew takes a relatively fast car and turns it into a highly-tuned monster that can apparently outrace a Ferrari.

This Toyota model is was the main hero car of the original movie.  Powered by an inline 6 turbo charged motor this car grabbed a hold of the audience and never let us go.  The Supra was featured in three of the movies but you always remember your first.  The Supra has continued to gain popularity since the first movie was released.  Due to that popularity the model was managed to retain its worth and has actually increased in the past few years.  Low mileage Supras can still be found for sale but are becoming few and far between.  If you find one in your price range scoop it up and hang on to it as an investment.

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