You might think that once you set foot in Japan, one of the best sports cars the Nissan's Skyline is literally flooding the streets. But the truth is that you won’t see more Skylines then you’d spot RX-7 or Supra here in the States. A four-door Skyline, however, that’s something almost impossible to see. During our visit in Japan, we in fact, stumbled upon it only twice - once in the parking lot of Nikko Circuit during Car Modify Wonder's drift event and one at our Tokyo Fresh Car Meet.

photo: SuperStreet

Junya Nakata, who lives Tochigiken region in the Kanto region, is s proud owner of the gorgeous R34 GT-T. You won't find this in car dealerships anymore. In an interview he gave minutes before he left Nikko Circuit he shared ‘I like the Skyline GT-R appearance and I like sedan-type cars, but the R34 Skyline GT-R doesn't have a sedan body. So I combined the GT-R appearance together with the sedan body.’ Pretty smart if you ask us – having the best out of both worlds – GT-R’s great design and the practicality of a sedan. The retrofitted front bumper, front fenders, and hood were all original BNR34 pieces, while URAS crafted the side skirts, rear fenders, rear bumper, and spoiler. The R34-esque look was officially completed with the Millennium Jade Metallic paint, inspired by the R34 GT-R’s one and only color.

 ‘I like stance style, too,’ Junya further added, ‘so I lowered vehicle height lower than an orthodox GT-R owner would.’ To make the sedan lower, Junya used Trust coilovers, which perfectly fitted a set of 19-inch Advan GT wheels. There is a decent amount of brand new small cars or suvs that cost less than this R34 but then again, you are not buying a legend !


Leaving aside the exterior, the GT-T’s FR layout further distinguishes the model from his big bro GT-R. The fact that its motor was a less powerful version of the RB25DET only motivated Junya to upgrade its performance spec. To enable the 2.5L to breathe better and stay cooler, he used plain JDM bolt-ons such as an HKS filter, Blitz intercooler, and upgraded radiator. Junya explained ‘I wanted the exhaust sound of the RB26DETT that the RB25DET doesn't have. So I installed an Altrack equal-length stainless exhaust manifold.’ And if you thin that you might be able to tell apart the difference between the inline-six from a regular GT- think twice, because the Strange was smart enough to treat his baby with a brand new customized exhaust.

So ultimately, we are no longer bothered that the four-door Skyline GT-T doesn’t come with an all-wheel-drive configuration or the holy GT-R’s RB26, and are pretty satisfied with its rear-wheel drive system and mighty RB25.

‘Otoko no Yonmai’ as Japanese say, or ‘four doors are for real men’.
 Junya's unconventional GT-R-themed Skyline definitely answers to that saying and only proves Japanese car scene is more than extraordinary. A bloody good looking 4 door sedan .

source : SuperStreet
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