We came right to the end of our article, there's a few more myths that we checked!

8. Myth - You can achieve better economy by using premium gas 

premium fuel
Your engine doesn’t need premium gas if not explicitly stated that it’s premium-only, as according to EPA you won’t really experience any benefits using premium fuel over regular. While much pricier, the extra octane won’t improve your fuel economy– so do the wise thing and let your vehicle run on regular fuel.

9. Myth - Replacing the air filter helps fuel economys

dirty air filter

Yet another holdover myth echoing from the era of carbureted engines that were vastly affected by the old and dirty air filters. The modern fuel-injected engines, however, will reduce fuel to the air-fuel mix to offset dirty air filters. So by changing your dirty air filter, while you’ll achieve a better breathing engine, you won’t do much in regards to fuel economy.

10. Myth - Fuel additives or bolt-on devices can increase fuel economy

fuel shark

Fuel additives or bolt-on devices offered on the aftermarket aren’t something that EPA will sign off. Even though your dealer might promise you that by investing in that special add-on device you will give you better mpg, that’s not something confirmed by the Federal Trade Commission in any way. Instead, try to discard those dubious claims and if still interested, consider comprehensive full conversions that meet all EPA certification standards.

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