Some enthusiasts find pleasure in showing off their ride at cars and coffee on Saturdays, or taking it to an auto show for their chance at some trophies and fame. Others like hitting the track on weekends for a bit of performance-pushing power, or prefer snaking their way down a canyon like petrol-powered bobsledders. And then there are the guys who find that the greatest pleasure comes from breaking a car down to its bare bones, and then rebuilding it from the ground up.


You can have this shockingly fast Nissan GTR for what you would pay for a Used SUV !

The 2009 R35 is a super car that has a wrong recipe, its too heavy, too large, it has a gearbox that has automatic mode, four seats, 4wd and a good enough overall visibility. It has only a six cylinder that's stuck in the front. Surely it must have a secret ingredient, something like a chemical X, that mixed with the substance, because the results are MINDBLOWING !

It defines the laws of physics, it can literary make the 911 Turbo its lunch ! It's proud descendent of the glorious R34 and its fans worship it ! It's also an astonishing bargain as you can buy a perfectly good example with only 50k in cash.

r35 silhouette

This fine example, one previous owner, 37k on the clock car shouldn't cost so little,  but that's what the market says. Currently the early models cost much less, they will appreciate in the future but this shouldn't be the drive to buy a car like this.

The main purpose of the GTR is to drive until your pants are on fire !

hand build engine

hand build interior

The main purpose of the GTR is to drive until your pants are on fire ! This almost ridiculous automotive marvel can create such a massive lateral G that can rip your face apart in the corners, but it can also go around your cheap apartment complex's parking without any hesitations ! It's the supercar for everyman !
If I had not spent my money on stupid amazon and craigslist specials, I would have bought one and would have invested a 5 digit sum in the engine and drivetain and literary tear the streets apart. This thing can reach and pass 1000bhp easily !  It is the ultimate start point for anyone who wants an exotic super car, but it's not ready to pay the exotic prices ! Surely it's not as cheap to run as Nissan Micra, and not a very wise long term investment as Ferrari 360, although it costs less, but for those who have never got a GT-R and have the financial ability to have one... DO IT !

Source : ebay
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