One of the rarest and also on of the best Nissan Skylines limited edition, the Nismo Z-tune R34 GTR is up for sale at the mindblowing asking price of $510,000 at Contempo Concept HK Motors, Hong Kong.

Only 19 units were build back in 2003, that makes the Nissan GTR R34 Skyline and extremely rare. A better version of the already flawless car. The beast is built essentially by hand and back in 2003 a brand new copy would cost about $120,000.The one here is the number 9 out of the only 19 that were ever built !
gtr r34 z-tune
z-tune only 19 made

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The car came with a six-cylinder 2.8-liter striked engine, fitted with new intake plenum and stroked crankshaft, forged pistons, IHI turbochargers, carbon-fiber driveshaft, strenghtened block, twin oil coolers, improved radiator and cooling system. The monster is also equiped with high-flow fuel injectors with a more forceful injectuin pump. All these magical elements work together to produce the mindblowing 493 hp and 540 Nm (400lb-ft) of torque which makes ith the fastest factory Skyline ever !

If someone thinks that the asking price of $510,000 is too much for a thirteen year old car, they should know that the Z-tune can run a quarter of a mile in just over 10s (10.06s) / where the 2015 R35 GTR can manage a 10.80s. The Z-tune hits 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 3.8s and has a top speed of 329km/h !

z-tune engine
z-tune 9

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